Steps Of Faith is a nonprofit public charity dedicated to providing prosthetic care, hope, and comfort to amputees needing financial support.

Dealing with an amputation can be difficult on a number of levels. If you lack resources to pay for prosthetics, we want to help you. Aside from monetary assistance, we also provide peer counseling, advice, and encouragement from one amputee to another.


In the United States alone, there are over 1.7 million people living with limb loss. There are hundreds of simple, daily tasks the average person takes for granted, like walking up stairs or riding a bike. An amputee knows that even with inhuman strength or years of practice, those "simple" tasks can still be impossible without the right prosthetic fit and function. The financial coverage provided by insurance companies is often not enough to cover the high cost of prosthetic component replacements and many coverage plans have extreme limitations.

Statistically, the average adult amputee will need a full replacement prosthesis at minimum every 1-3 years and more frequently in the first 2 years as the limb matures. Growing children need prosthetic replacements multiple times a year.

This statistic does not include the need for ongoing care and frequent prosthetic adjustments that are a constant part of any amputee's life. Prosthetic fit is the most important element of a successful prosthesis. A proper fit can be impacted by weather changes, slight weight change and/or other lifestyle impacts. It is common for amputees to visit their prosthetist multiple times a year and in many cases can require travel which incurs additional costs such as airfare and accommodations.

So beyond living life with this disability; the financial burdens for an amputee can be great.

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